We make dreams come true in high performance concrete


Hi-Con has specialised in high performance concrete.  We exploit the properties of the material to make your dreams of unique architecture come true. 

The very strong and durable concrete is used for making beautiful staircases, balconies, bridges and facades in premium quality. 

The Hi-Con brand is represented in Holland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The headquarter of Hi-Con is located in Denmark. 


Inspiration goes hand in hand with creativity and imagination. We want to create a world of opportunities, a universe without limits, a possibility to float in the higher altitudes to see everything in a new perspective. The world of dreams – reaching for something new, different or unconventional. The skewed angle - the desire to challenge the conventional forms, functions or formulas of High Performance Concrete.


Ready to try the untried? Let the process unfold as a play, while aiming to achieve new performance and results. Pioneering spirit united with the knowledge and skills to challenge and to be challenged by the outside world - customers, partners and the unknown. We are a center for innovation, which brings useful knowledge and translates it into valuable solutions with High Performance Concrete as the center focus.


Be impressed and impress others. Create an expression that inspires enthusiasm and sympathy. Because of the aesthetic quality or because of the functional properties. High Performance Concrete solutions invite you to express and to impress. They appeal to all senses and create experiences among people all around. We will not just be known for what we say – but more for what we do.

Get inspired

Get inspired
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Peter Vendelin Olesen