Awarded Projects

The Awarded Projects

At Hi-Con we are very proud of our constructions such as balconies, staircases, bridges, facades and much more that we manufacture in our UHPC-materials.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure and pride, we give you a glimpse of the award-winning projects where Hi-Con has contributed to realise novel solutions and aesthetic structures.

The Dutch Concrete Award 2017 & The European Concrete Award 2018

Catharina bridge in Leiden, Holland, first won the "Dutch Concrete Award 2017" and then the “European Concrete Award 2018” in the category ’Civil Engineering’. The motivation for the award in this category, is the architectural qualities, and the significant technical innovations which the bridge represents.

The elegant bridge has a minimalistic, organic and very slim design, in comparison to the span – a slenderness is needed due to requirements of free height under the bridge and made possible only because of Hi-Cons CRC i3® concept.

Hi-Con has contributed with specialized design knowledge and know-how, regarding calculations, assembly and execution. Furthermore, to realize the demanding project, we delivered the complex bridge elements and JointCast material for casting the elements together.

See more pictures of the bridge here

The Danish Architecture Day 2018

In the beginning of 2018 the project “Grønnegården” was awarded at “The Danish Architecture Day 2018”. The project received the award especially because of its successful facade renovation and the creation of new outdoor areas. 

Hi-Con supplied the project with more than 200 slender balconies and 70 landings, which are all cast in grey CRC i2® high performance concrete.

The Architecture Award 2017

In the beginning of October 2017, the "Strandingsmuseum St. George" in Thorsminde was honored with the "Architecture Award" by the municipality of Holstebro. The museum received the award due to the reconstruction and rethinking of the purpose and potential they succeeded in creating. The architectural result was a special place with its own identity and character, blending in with its surroundings.

Hi-Con has supplied the project with 90 facade elements in light CRC i2®. The 90 elements measure up to 15 meter in length and between 80-100 mm. in thickness.

Se more pictures of the museum here


The Concrete Element Award 2017

The “Free Harbor Tower” was designed by the architects “Praksis Arkitekter ApS”, and in 2017 they won both the “The Concrete Element Award 2017", and the “Utzon- statuette 2017” for this renovation project. Mainly because they manage to redesign a worn out grain silo and turn it into modern housings.

Hi-Con has supplied the project with 197 balconies, 212 columns, 83 C-frames, 16 L-frames, 18 canopies, 28 facade shells and 1364 brackets in grey CRC i2® high performance concrete. 

See more pictures of the project here


The International Architecture Day

Herningsholm Vocational School won an award at the “International Architecture Day”. The architects C.F. Møller received the award for creating an exciting and inspiring educational environment for the new building at Herningsholm Vocational School. The new wing has been created by modern and democratic principles and with a high architectural quality blending in with its surroundings

Hi-Con supplied the project with 146 single-sided and insulated facade panels, 19 insulated sandwich elements, eaves panels, balconies and wall plates in CRC i2® high performance concrete.

See more pictures of the school here

"Folketeatret" honored by the municipality of Copenhagen

In 2014 the theater in Copenhagen went through a reconstruction including a new custom-made lobby staircase in high performance concrete. The aesthetically pleasing result was honored by the municipality of Copenhagen.

The staircase is a sculptural main staircase which are made in grey CRC i2®  high performance concrete and has been supplied by Hi-Con.

Se more pictures of the beautiful staircase here


The Campus College honored by the municipality of Odense

The student housings which together form the “Campus College” were completed back in 2015. The Campus College is a part of University of Southern Denmark and was awarded by the municipality of Odense because of a "good and beautiful building"

To the project Hi-Con has supplied 153 balcony slabs, 184 frames, 177 eaves, and 104 cover plates in grey CRC i2® high performance concrete.

See more pictures of the project here


The IN-SITu Award 2017

At the same time as the “Folketeater”, the design of “Kvæsthusmolen” got honored by the municipality of Copenhagen. “Kvæsthusmolen” received the “IN-SITU Award 2017” because of its flexible, open and functional arrangement of the pier and its ability to create a space for both organized and informal urban life. Hi-Con supplied the project with 54 skylights and 14 parapet elements with 8000 round glass stones.

See more pictures of the project here

The Academic Award 2016

In 2016 Hi-Con won the prestigious “Academic Award” hosted by “Akademikernes A-kasse”. This was indeed the event of the year.

Hi-Con received the award as an acknowledgement for our focus on growth through knowledge, know-how and the employment of academics. With this award, Hi-Con clearly demonstrate that we are not only a supplier of high performance concrete solutions, but we are also an organization with an ability to attract skilled employees.

Read more about the "Academic Award" here

The Dutch Concrete Award 2013

Back in 2013, Hi-Con NL won the “Dutch Concrete Award” with the project “Huize Het Oosten”.

The project won the prize not only because of the very thin balconies casted in white CRC i2® high performance concrete, but also because of the combination of great architecture, design and smart new technology.

See more pictures of the projects here

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