About High Performance Concrete

About High Performance Concrete

We know our material 


High performance concrete is not just any kind of high performance concrete. Many different concretes on the market use the term "high performance concrete". We know our concrete and we constantly develop and test our material in order to make it optimal for every specific use. 

Hi-Con is specialized in high performance concrete. Our concrete is the world's oldest and most documented kind of UHPC - ultra high performance concrete and is called CRC i2®.  When you use elements from Hi-Con, you can be sure that the material is tested and documented to the specific use. 


Precast concrete

Hi-Con has specialized in a new generation of high performance precast concrete, which can achieve minimalistic and elegant design – as well as new structural systems and optimized ways of transportation and installation.

All our precast high performance concrete products are unique because they combine the free shape ability of concrete, the strength of steel and a higher durability than both steel and normal concrete.

This makes our high performance concrete products superior in very extreme environments where complex or slender shapes are requested and very special structural properties are required. 


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