About High Performance Concrete

Standard anti-slip-surfaces

There are many possibilities to create the expression you dream of. We offer standard anti-slip surfaces as well as bespoke aesthetic surfaces. 


We cooperate with Companero, which has many years of expertise in creating anti-slip surfaces in concrete. 

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Standard antislip-surfaces:

Surface G1

Surface G1 large

Surface G2



Surface G2 S

Surface G3

Surface G4



Surface G6

Surface G7

Surface G8


Aesthetic surfaces

Create the expression you want

With High Performance Concrete you can - as with regular concrete - create the aesthetical expression you want. The standard colors are grey and white, but the concrete can also be colored and stenciled. Finally stones or other materials can be added to the mix in order to create a rougher surface.

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Do you want to know more about surfaces?

Are you looking for a certain aesthetic expression?

Michael Uhrenholt
Group Project Development Manager