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Bratislave, SK

Sky Park

Sky Park

Built Year



Zaha Hadid Architects




Penta Investments

Lightweight GRC in high-rise

Sky Park is the masterplan for the transformation of a 5.5 hectare big abandoned industrial area in the capital of Slovakia into a huge park with mixed functions for living, working and shopping.

The 786 apartments are located in three residential towers of 31 floors and 104 m high. The remaining 55,000 sqm are housed in a tower of 29 floors (119.6 m high) and an office building that consists of a lower part of 8 floors and a tower part of 19 floors (78 m high).


Double-curved ‘Zaha Hadid’ shapes

Remarkable are the double-curved node elements in GRC by BB fiberbeton, made by using CNC-milled moulds. A total of 53 variants of these nodes have been made, the largest of which are more than 3 x 3 m. The elements have integrated stainless steel stud frames.

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