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Project "Bryggerhaven" in Aarhus 


"Bryggerhaven" is one out of four buildings in the new neighbourhood Ceres Byen (Ceres City) in Aarhus, which Hi-Con is supplying with high performance concrete elements. The new neighbourhood will be a centre for both students, business, culture and private housing.   


Balconies on Bryggerhaven in grey CRC i2®


Hi-Con supplied Bryggerhaven with 199 balconies with and without parapets that have a total area of 928 m2. The balconies are designed in 5 variations and measure between 2 - 4,5 meters in length and have a width of 1,20 meters. The balcony slabs measure between 80-130 mm in thickness and all elements are cast in grey CRC i2® with rust-proof fibers.


Picture of Bryggerhaven on the left and Ceres Corner on the right


Bryggerhaven consists of 230 rental appartments with a total area of 15.400 m2. Besides Bryggerhaven, Hi-Con has supplied Ceres Corner with elements in high performance concrete and is going to supply both "Ceres Plaza" and "Ceres Park" with elements in CRC i2®. 


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Project details: 

Year: 2017

Contractor: A. Enggaard 

Architect: C.F. Møller 

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Michael Uhrenholt
Group Project Development Manager