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The beautifully situated "Fjordtårnet" is soon completed


The big and spacious Hi-Con balconies have been installed on "Fjordtårnet" in Nørresundby. The balconies are going to provide the future residents in the building with a great outdoor space to enjoy the beautiful view at the waterfront in Aalborg.   


Installation of the first balconies 


Hi-Con had the pleasure of supplying the modern and spectacular building with both balconies, galleries and columns. "Fjordtårnet" is located only a stone's throw from the water and beside the new culture bridge that connects Nørresundby with the heart of Aalborg and the citizens in Aalborg with direct acccess to the green areas in Nørresundby. 

Rendering of "Fjordtårnet" by Bjørk & Maigård 


Hi-Con supplied the tower with 40 identical balconies and the "body" with 39 balconies in different variations. The balconies are cast with a balcony slab that measure between 85-125 mm in thickness. Besides the 80 balconies, Hi-Con also supplied Fjordtårnet with 34 gallery elements that measure between 80-100 mm in thickness and 200 mm in width. To carry the galleries, Hi-Con supplied 47 columns with a height of 3 meters. Last but not least Hi-Con supplied the project with 14 wall elements for the tower of the building measuring 100 mm in thickness.


Balconies, galleries and columns for the "body" of the building are cast in grey CRC i2® with stainless steelfibers, whilst the balconies installed on the "tower" are cast in light CRC i2®. 


The view of the waterfront from the top of "Fjordtårnet" and the almost completed building.


Project details 


Year: 2017-2018

Architect: Bjørk & Maigård ApS

Engineer: Niras Aalborg 

Contractor: A. Enggaard A/S

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Michael Uhrenholt
Group Project Development Manager