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Folketeatret & Kvæsthusmolen receive award


"Folketeatret" and "Kvæsthusmolen" have just been awarded by the municipality of Copenhagen because of their contribution to the experience of the urban environment of Copenhagen.  


"Folketeatret" in Copenhagen


Since 1902 the municipality of Copenhagen has awarded beautiful buildings and great urban environments. The price goes to buildings and urban environments, which contributes to the experience of Copenhagen as a city with quality in the urban environments. 


The theater was among the award winning buildings and won the award because of the architect and builders ability to capture the happy and informal atmosphere in the theater. From 2014 the theater went throug a thourough reconstruction, which among other things is expressed by a new, beautiful and big foyer with a staircase in CRC i2®. The staircase is a great sculptural main staircase that takes the audience to the old theater hall. 


"Skylights at Kvæsthusmolen" in Copenhagen


Furthermore, "Kvæsthusmolen" was also among the award winning building projects in Copenhagen. The honoring was motivated by the flexible, open and functionel arrangement of the pier and its ability to create a space for both organized and informal urban life, experience and unfoldment. Hi-Con supplied the project with 54 skylights and 14 protection elements with 8000 round glass stones.


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Michael Uhrenholt
Group Project Development Manager