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Hi-Con makes it possible to cold-bend concrete 



Through intensive preparation, innovation, testing and documentation over the past two years, Hi-Con has developed a method to cold-bend elements in CRC i2®. The method is a great example of our strategy about constant innovation, cooperation and challenge the potentials of ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) - a method, which has been conducted through close dialogue with the Dutch engineer company, Pieters Bouwtechniek in Delft. 
The concrete can basically bent (after it is cast) up to three meters at a length of 25 meters. The cold-bending process needs to be carried out when the concrete is as "young" as possible and it will typically last 4-5 weeks before the element has reached its desired curvature.

The method opens up the potentials for architects and customers to think more freely in curved surfaces, as they are using our type of concrete. This can be used for everything from extra large bridge spans and curviliniar facade panels to exciting facade renovation projects in the future. It has to be possible to dream with our material, and we love to be challenged by customers and architects and show that their dreams can come true, when they are using high performance concrete.


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Bendt Kjær Aarup
Group R&D Manager