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Hi-Con now have a CE-marking of their UHPC balconies!




CE-marking of building materials has been mandatory since July 1, 2013, whenever a relevant harmonized standard exist, but since such standard does not exists for UHPC, up until now, it has not been possible for us here at Hi-Con to supply our balconies with a CE marking.

It is now!! Based on an EAD (European Assessment Document), an ETA (European Technical Assessment) ratified by all countries in the European Community now acts as the relevant harmonized standard for UHPC balconies, making it possible for Hi-Cons iconic and well-documented CRC i2® balconies to be supplied with CE-marking.

Following a 5-year preparation and approval process, the CE-certification for CRC i2® balconies was awarded March 18, 2019, and we look forward to supplying our – now – certified balcony solutions to all who dream of elegant UHPC balconies!

For further information, you may find the relevant dokuments HERE

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Bendt Kjær Aarup
Group R&D Manager