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Hi-Con wins Akademiker Prisen 2016 



It was a great day when we received ”Akademikerprisen” in Copenhagen, as an acknowledgement for our focus on growth through knowledge and the employment of more academics.

It was “Akademikernes a-kasse”, an unemployment insurance fund, who hosted the award show and awarded the price to Hi-Con. An award, which is intended to give visibility to the growth potentials that an employment of more academics can lead to.   

Among others, Hi-Con advises about bridges and the development of new and thin high performance concrete walls and has become a knowledge company wherein the production plays a significant part. In a few years, Hi-Con has changed its focus from production of high performance concrete constructions to providing knowledge about concrete.

Hi-Con sells knowledge, not just products and believe that academics are a prerequisite for unskilled workers and vice versa. Today Hi-Con employs 60 people, who are both academics, skilled and unskilled workers - a cooperation, which has created more jobs. What matters in Hi-Con is that everybody takes part in the value chain and that the company cannot do without anybody.

We believe in being ambitious, thinking in blue ocean strategies and creating synergy by putting together different people.  


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