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Kromagrafen - an ambitious building project in Ørestad Syd 


The last balconies are now installed on the ambitious building, Kromagrafen, which is situated in the southern part of Ørestaden and with a beautiful view of Kalvebod Fælled. The building is located at Robert Jacobsens Vej and consists 87 attractive rental apartments.  


Kromagergrafen in Ørestad Syd with triangular balconies from Hi-Con 


Among other architectural elements, Kromagergrafen is characterized by its spectacular profile covered by shifting floors and triangular balconies from which the residents can enjoy their new view. The balconies are producered and supplied by Hi-Con and are cast in light CRC i2® high performance concrete with stainless steel fibers. 

Hi-Con has supplied the ambitious building project with 117 balconies in two variantions. The balconies measure 5,6 meters in length, have a width between 2 and 2,3 meters and measure 135 mm in thickness.  


The profile of Kromagrafen covered in triangular balconies. 


Project details

Year: 2018

Contractor: 5E Byg A/S

Architect: Cobe Arkitekter ApS 

Engineer: OBH-Gruppen A/S

Builder: AP Ejendomme A/S 


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Michael Uhrenholt
Group Project Development Manager