Slender balconies

Since 2001 Hi-Con has delivered balconies in high performance concrete to the building industry.  

All balconies are bespoke and carefully adapted to every single project in order to fit into the architectural expression and functionality of the building. Hi-Con delivers different kinds of balconies, based on the following types:


  • Thin balcony plates

  • Balconies with parapets

  • Box balconies 

  • Balconies on columns and beams


Balconies in High Performance Concrete

Thin and minimalistic design 

Strength like steel 

Freedom in shape and aesthetic design 

100+ years durability 

More daylight in apartments 

Maintainance-free surfaces 

Lower weight on building and larger balcony areas 

Smaller cranes needed for installation 

Lower transportation costs 

Fire resistant 


Learn more about our type of High Performance Concrete 


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Michael Uhrenholt
Group Project Development Manager