Bridges in high performance concrete

For light traffic


Hi-Con produces bespoke bridges in high performance concrete for light traffic as pedestrians and bicycles, which provides great value for both architects, engineers, contractors and the end user. 

We create bridges of high performance concrete for situations where strong design and functionality are important. Due to the properties of the material, it is possible to create a unique, slim design, which is maintenance-free and has a life span of more than 100 years.


Delft Bridge System meet Hi-Con bridge deck


Looking for a super-slim, maintenance-free standard bridge? Which is easy to install and has an extreem durability? Then you should choose a Hi-Con bridge solution. 

The base of the bridge system consists of very slim deck slabs in high performance concrete. The system is developed in coorporation with ipv Delft and Pieters Bouwtechniek, with more than 30 years of knowledge and innovation coming together.

Read about Delft Bridge System here - The brochure is in Dutch


Bridges in High Performance Concrete

Thin and minimalistic design 

Strength like steel 

100+ years durability 

Maintenance-free surfaces 

Smaller cranes needed for intallation 

Lower transport costs 

Simple and fast mounting 

Fire resistant 


Learn more about our type of High Performance Concrete 


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