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Kvæsthusselskabet - Pladsledelse: Børthy Schrive


Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter A/S

Project "Kvæsthuset" is located between Nyhavn on one side and Frederiksstaden and Amalienborg on the other side. Hi-Con has supplied the project with 54 skylights and 14 protection elements with round glass stones. The skylights have a lenght of 3,6 meter and varies between a width of 1,15, 1,55 and 1,95 meter. Furtermore, the skylight measures 100 mm in thickness. The protection elements have a height of 1,55 meter and varies in width - most of them measures 1,95 m - and have a thickness of 65 mm.
6.600 glass stones are used for the skylights, while 1.400 glass stones are used for the protection elements. The glass stones are custom made, glued with glass on two sides and cast directly into the element. In the skylights the stones are placed in a rubber sleeve and cast into the element with a recess. For reasons of density, each stone has been jointed on the upperside after mounting.  
Afterwards, six additional skylights have been acquired as roof above the escalator. 
Consultant: Emcon A/S


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