Sjælør Boulevard

Project details

Enemærke & Petersen A/S og B. Nygaard Sørensen A/S


Domus Architects and White Architects

Orbicon A/S

Arbejdernes Andels-boligforening

Sjælør Boulevard in Copenhagen has gone through a thoruogh renovation, which included brand new Hi-Con balconies for the residents. 

The renovation project was bouild in more stages with different parties involved. While B.Nygaard Sørensen and Domus Architects took part in the first stage, Enemærke & Petersen and White Architects were involved in the second. 

For the first stage of Sjælør Boulevard, Hi-Con supplied the project with 258 balconies in seven different variations. The balconies measure between 2,2 - 4 meters in length, between 1,4-2 meters in width and with a balcony slab measuring 80 mm i thickness.

Hi-Con supplied the second stage of the renovation project with 266 balconies in five variations. These balconies varies in sizes dimensions as well and has a balcony slab measuring between 60-80 mm in thickness. Furthermore, Hi-Con supplied this stage of the project with 20 entrances. 

All elements are cast in light CRC i2® with rustproof steel fibers. 


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