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About Hi-Con

This is Hi-Con

About Hi-Con

The history

The history about Hi-Con starts at Aalborg Portland. Back in 1986, the engineers at Aalborg Portland developed a new type of concrete. The concrete consisted of a new and complex mix of binders and steelfibres. They named the new concrete CRC (Compact Reinfored Composite).

CRC has an extreme strength and durabily while still being only slightly porous. Thereby, the concrete has a very high density, which is why we are able to use only a small cover layer and thereby less amount of material compared to conventional concrete. 

Since 2001, Hi-Con has developed, tested and documented this type of UHPC and created an even stronger and improved version. We call our generation of the material CRC i2® and CRC i3® - the second and third generation of our innovative UHPC with the same high material safety and properties as the original CRC.  

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About Hi-Con

We know our material

You find the core of Hi-Con in both the material and our employees. Therefore, it is important that all employees have a thorough knowledge about the material. At Hi-Con we focus 100% on the application of ultra high performance concrete. 

CRC i2® is a new generation of steel fibre reinforced concrete, which we use to cast very slender elements with an extreme strength and durability. Our material, CRC i2® is the most developed, well-tested and fully documented UHPC in Denmark, maybe even in the world. 

Material properties

Vision, mission and values

More about Hi-Con

We make dreams come true in ultra high performance concrete as preferred cooperation partner 

Innovative market leader in ultra high performance concrete as premium solutions

Innovative market leader

Our products have a huge unexplored potential to enter into new solutions and applications. We want to be innovative in cooperation with our customers, experts and relations in all markets.

Ultra high performance concrete
Concrete is a great material that can be optimized for unique and individual purposes in terms of strength, density, function, surfaces and aesthetics. 

Premium solutions
We will not only provide products of very high quality, we will also, through the broad capabilities of our organization, offer holistic solutions and cooperation and thereby create great perceived value for both our customers and everyone else we work with. 


Inspiration goes hand in hand with creativity and imagination. We want to create a world of opportunities, a universe without limits, a possibility to float in the higher altitudes to see everything in a new perspective. The world of dreams – reaching for something new, different or unconventional. The skewed angle - the desire to challenge the conventional forms, functions or formulas of Ultra High Performance Concrete.


Ready to try the untried? Let the process unfold as a play, while aiming to achieve new performance and results. Pioneering spirit united with the knowledge and skills to challenge and to be challenged by the outside world - customers, partners and the unknown. We are a center for innovation, which brings useful knowledge and translates it into valuable solutions with Ultra High Performance Concrete as the main focus.


Be impressed and impress others. Create an expression that inspires enthusiasm and sympathy. Because of the aesthetic quality or because of the functional properties. Ultra High Performance Concrete solutions invite you to express and to impress. They appeal to all senses and create experiences among people all around. We will not just be known for what we say – but more for what we do.

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