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Ultra high performance concrete

Together we make dreams
come true

Total office renovation of Anthura in Bleiswijk

Ultra high performance concrete

Together we make dreams
come true

We are specialized in Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC). We use the material to create bespoke balconies, facade elements, staircases and bridges. We call our material CRC i2® and CRC i3® as it is our own, well-tested and documented generation of the concrete type, UHPC. The material possesses a number of essential properties and potentials, which make it possible to dream without limits. CRC i2® and CRC i3® are extremely strong and durable materials. We utilize its unique properties to offer our collaborators a freedom to shape and design both balconies, staircases, facades and bridges in order to achieve the visions of the building project. 

When choosing CRC i2® and Hi-Con as your collaborator, you can expect us to take part in the building process by helping you achieve the right expression, the right mounting principle and the most optimal delivery and installation process. When a project vision requires a utilization of the material properties, we put our specialized knowledge into play in order to make both vision, functionality and safety come together. Therefore, we feel safe to say that: Together we can make dreams come true in ultra high performance concrete.  

Together we make dreams come true in UHPC

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Slender, bespoke and maintenance-free balconies in UHPC

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Elegant, slender and bespoke staircases in UHPC

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Facades in UHPC

Slender and bespoke facades in large formats cast in UHPC

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Facades in GRC

EXCLUSIVE for the Dutch market: Durable, lightweight and formable facade cladding in GRC

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Slender, minimalistic and maintenance-free bridges in UHPC

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Renovation and transformation

Renovating balconies and facades with UHPC

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Other solutions

From housing and infrastructure to windmill constructions and coastal protection in UHPC

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City development in Aalborg, Denmark

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Cases in UHPC

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We make dreams come true in UHPC
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