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CRC i2® + CRC i3®

The term "high performance concrete" are referring to a group of different kinds of concrete, but the term is not a guarantee of quality. There are many concretes on the market, but only a few of them are tested and documented for structural use.

We have developed and tested our material since 2001 and today we have the world's oldest and most documented high performance concrete. We know our material and how it responds to load, durability and fire. 

Second and third generation of high performance concrete

Compact Reinforced Composite (CRC®) is the term for a special kind of steel fibre reinforced concrete, originally developed and patented by Aalborg Portland in 1986. 

Since then several research projects have been made and comprehensive documentation has been provided by Hi-Con. Today our concretes are called CRC i2® and CRC i3®  - the second and third generation of our innovative concrete. 

High performance concrete blog

Hi-Con's specialists write about High Performance Concrete on our blog.


The blog gives you the answers on:

What are the differences between concrete and high performance concrete?

Surface aesthetic

UHPC standards

The effect of the fibers

Complicated castings

How is it possible to make the concrete so thin?

Is high performance concrete lighter than regular concrete?


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