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AARhus - Ø4

AARhus - Ø4

Built Year



BIG and Gehl Architects


MT Højgaard




Kilden & Mortensen

Architectural ambitions  

At Hi-Con we are driven by the desire to challenge known shapes, functions and expressions of a building. Therefore, we saw a great match between Hi-Con and the architectural ambitions for the AARhus building, which required specialized skills and innovative solutions.

To meet the architectural ambitions at Ø4, we chose among other things to make a reverse casting of the balconies, hide the L-columns in the construction and develop a water and air tight roof element on which grass can grow. 


UHPC elements

The project Ø4 in Aarhus is one of Hi-Con’s biggest balcony projects.

The project Ø4 is a building project at the harbor in Aarhus and contains 250 quality apartments that varies between 55 and 277 square meters.

Hi-Con has supplied the project with 486 galleries, 442 columns and 59 balconies in grey CRC i2® ultra high performance concrete.

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