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De Noorman - The Netherlands

De Noorman - The Netherlands

Built Year



Bets en Oudendorp architecten


Pieters Bouwtechniek


Ouwehand - Bouwen & Ontwikkelen

At Willemsplein, the square near Arnhem Central Station, the facade of the Noorman was renovated in early 2021. Hi-Con supplied the balconies in ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) and the facade elements in GRC by BB fiberbeton in the same light gray colour.


The building has been transformed into 23 apartments, 21 of which now have a beautiful slender balcony. The facade elements in glassfibre reinforced concrete under and next to the balconies are invisibly anchored to the sub-structure using stainless steel brackets that are embedded in the GRC.


The Noorman is the first project in the Netherlands in which we have applied both product groups (UHPC and GRC) in one project.