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Exclusive balconies in Ultra High Performance Concrete blends island living with urban life



Built Year



Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter A/S & COBE


NCC Denmark


NCC Civil Engineering


Kronløbsøen Projekt P/S

A groundbreaking residential building

In Nordhavn, one of Copenhagen’s most sought-after residential areas, you will find Kronløbsøen, a groundbreaking residential complex. But Kronløbsøen is more than just an impressive construction; it is a unique oasis in the heart of Copenhagen. Located on a man-made island near the center, it connects the maritime environment with the many opportunities of city life. Residents here can enjoy the view of the water while being close to the city's lively streets and attractions.


The architectural integration of Kronløbsøen into its surroundings is impressive. The buildings' elegant lines and modern structure respect the natural landscape while simultaneously underscoring Copenhagen’s role as a pioneer city in green building. Kronløbsøen is an inspiring example of how architecture can transform a man-made island into a comfortable home that balances nature and urban life.


Hi-Con has proudly contributed to this project by providing custom balcony solutions in Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), which not only enhances the aesthetic of the construction but also gives residents a unique opportunity to enjoy the fantastic surroundings from their private outdoor spaces.

Large UHPC balconies by the water

With our material, UHPC CRC i2, we have helped create sleek and lightweight balconies that complement the character of Kronløbsøen and elegantly hug the facade. We have delivered a total of 237 balconies with embedded brick cladding for the project.

The choice of Hi-Con as a subcontractor was based, among other things, on total economic considerations, where both time and practicality were significant factors. When we serve as a subcontractor in a construction project, clients are offered a complete package of consultation, planning, production, and delivery. This allows us to save our customers unnecessary separation of contracts and thus the extra time and resources that are often associated with managing and coordinating multiple subcontractors.

Although the construction is completed with 237 balconies in Ultra High Performance Concrete, the balconies were delivered in 287 balcony elements, each consisting of one balcony plate and three parapets with embedded brick cladding on the exterior. Due to the length and design of the balconies, some of the balconies were divided into multiple elements and subsequently assembled during the installation. The balconies measure up to 13 meters in length and 4.5 meters in depth, and several of the balconies wrap around the corners of the buildings. The balcony base are manufactured with a plate thickness of 100 - 125 mm and cast in gray UHPC CRC i2.

The new island district is led by the project company Kronløbsøen Projekt P/S, was designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter A/S and COBE and constructed by NCC Denmark. The installation is handled by our collaboration partner RG Stålbyg.

Foto: Christensen Photography
By choosing Hi-Con and our Ultra High Performance Concrete for Kronløbsøen's balconies, we have been able to transform visionary architectural ideas into reality. Our custom UHPC solutions contribute not only to the aesthetic and functional aspects of the residential complex but also add value by optimizing the construction process and ensuring long-lasting quality and minimal maintenance for all involved parties.

Birgitte Krag Festersen,
Studio Leader, Hi-Con

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