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Renovation in Eindhoven

Philips Business School

Philips Business School

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Transformation Philips Business School

The former Philips Business School (Bedrijfsschool) has been transformed into 442 apartments. Hi-Con supplied the reconstructed canopy on the facade in CRC i2® ultra high performance concrete. With this reconstruction, a striking element of the original building has returned in the facade after years of absence.


Municipal monument

The school on Frederiklaan in Eindhoven, now a municipal monument, dates from 1929 and has a rich educational history. Until 1989, the building housed the Philips training courses. During WWII the main building was damaged beyond repair during a bombing raid. Architect Dirk Roosenburg designed the rebuild, which was completed in 1949. After the renovation in 1993, the Technical Lyceum, ROC and Summa College successively held their educational activities in the school building.


From school to housing

After the transformation, the monumental Business School now offers space for more than 30 types of loft apartments, varying from 45 m2 to 120 m2 and a penthouse of more than 200 m2. All 442 houses have a mezzanine floor. Parts of the existing concrete mezzanine floors on Berkenstraat have been cut away to create spacious voids. The old conference center now serves as a restaurant, the canteen is rented out as a commercial space and the workshop added to the building in 1993 had already been transformed into a climbing hall.


Facade renovation

With the facade renovation, the original design has been restored as much as possible. The facades have been thoroughly cleaned, bringing back the original color palette of yellow masonry, white window frames and facade elements in Veronese green. Authentic elements have been retained, both in the exterior and interior.


Reconstruction of the concrete canopy

Hi-Con has been able to make a striking contribution to this great transformation project with the reconstruction of the concrete canopy in the front facade. We are proud that with our innovative material we can not only realize technically sustainable solutions, but also can revive beautiful architecture of great cultural-historical value.

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