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A center for innovation

We believe that innovation moves us forward

We believe that innovation moves us forward


We believe that innovation moves us forward

At Hi-Con we want to try what has not yet been tried. We want to reach new heights and push the limits for the application of our material. CRC i2® possesses the same aesthetical potentials as conventional concrete, it has a strength almost like steel and a durability that is far better than both conventional concrete and steel. Our concrete possesses the strongest properties from both materials and makes a perfect combination for both engineers and architects to challenge any existing structure. From housing and infrastructure to windmill construction and coastal protection.  

It is only possible to invite collaborators to challenge our material because of the inherent and specialized knowledge about CRC i2® that exists within Hi-Con. From our sales  team and design department to our production and finish area we put our knowledge into play and our solutions and products are the result of this combined knowledge. No challenges are to big for our generation of ultra high performance concrete and because of the people working at Hi-Con, we are not afraid to invite you to challenge our material with innovative designs and new applications. 


We invite you to challenge our material

Hi-Con is a center for innovation. We gather knowledge within the field of UHPC and transform in into valueable solutions with UHPC being the turning point. 
To us innovation is key. Together with our customers and cooperation partners, we want to try what has not yet been tried. Therefore, we have dedicated 30% of our ressources to develop our company, markets and solutions. From solutions within housing and infrastructure to windmill constructions and coastal protection in UHPC. 

UHPC changes the rules

We do not expect to create radical innovation on a daily basis, but we work with a constant focus on how to change our markets and the rules within. UHPC already changed the rules in regards to shaping and mounting balconies and we want to accomplish the same on other markets and with different solution. However, innovation is not only about the product. It can also be about the organization, processes and markets. 

Innovative partners?


Innovative partners

The innovative potentials of ultra high performance concrete are very high – and in the future you will see many new applications in this construction material. However, unlocking the potentials requires new and open minded collaborations and networking between the partners in the industry – developers, architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, clients and end-users.

We invite everybody to join forces in exploring the future potentials of High Performance Concrete. 

Our core competencies are centered around identifying, developing and implementing new business models.

Please contact us for cooperation and dialogue on:

  • Innovative Business models

  • Innovative Applications

  • Innovative Networks and Colaborations


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