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28.11.2022 - Aarhus, Denmark

Dilapidated garage transforms into UHPC balconies

Dilapidated garage transforms into UHPC balconies

Hotel Regina's old dilapidated garage, which was torn down in 2007, and which plot has since stood empty is finally getting a new purpose!

The Hotel which is located in the city centre in Aarhus has for many years hoped for a transformation of the the old garage - and what a transformation they got. 

The plot that has been undeveloped since 2007 is being transformed into a building complex of approximately 5 floors with space for 18 residences. 

The apartment building will be equipped with balconies and the building will likewise gain a roof terrace and a grass roof. In addition, the apartments will consist of housing for both students and small families in the city center. 

Hi-Con is going to be delivering UHPC i2® balconies for the project.



For this project Hi-Con will deliver all in all 46 balconies. The balconies' placements are divided between facing the street or the courtyard. 

Towards the street:

Hi-Con will deliver 33 balconies, that will be facing the street. The balconies will be delivered in 3 variations and will be cast in the measures: 

length: approx. 2,11m distributed on 153 m2. 

Effective width approx 2,2m 

Balcony thickness of 70-85mm.

The balconies are cast with a cupfall towards drain with no edges. 

All sides are cast with a standardised profiling and rolled underside. 



Towards the courtyard:

Towards the courtyard Hi-Con will deliver 13 balconies in 2 variations. 

The balconies will be cast in the following measurements: 

Length: approx 4,2m. (7 balconies) and 5,4 m (6 balconies) dispersed on approx. 94m2. 

The balconies will besides have an effective width of approx 1,5m. and a plate thickness of approx 90-105 and 135-150mm. 

Additionally the balconies are cast with a unilateral fall towards the front edge and with a water channel that leads back to the facade. 

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