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09.08.2022 - Gartnerbyen - Odense BF2.8

Hi-Con is beating in the green heart of Odense

Hi-Con is beating in the green heart of Odense

Hi-Con has been chosen to produce balconies, pillars and railings to Odense's most mentioned buildingproject, called Gartnerbyen. 


The construction has begun and is set to be finished by 2023. The new builds are the last in the development of Gartnerbyen, and they have been named "Trekløveren" (the Three-leaf Clover), since it consists of three similar buildings apartment blocks( translated from: punkthuse). Trekløveren is one of the last sub-elements of Gartnerbyen's constructions and it is planned to house approximately 89 accommodations. The new addition to Gartnerbyen's district adds the number of new accommodations up to almost 2000 new accommodations. 

The buildings will be constructed in a green and nature-rich part of Gartnerbyen, and are located close to the city center.

Trekløveren is similarly located at the entrance to the district, and will therefore, be thought off and seen as the 'face' of the new area. 



Trekløveren is a further addition to Gartnerbyen's sustainability-certified new-builds, and it is expected that the construction will be more environmentally friendly and Co2-neutral in both the construction process and in the final result. This means that the new-builds are constructed with the intention of creating and maintaining a sustainable process. The project is expected to gain a DGNB silver certificate, which UHPC CRC i2® will be a contributing factor to help reach. 


Product details: 

For the projects, Hi-Con will be delivering balconies, pillars and railings. We are delivering 64 UHPC CRC i2® balconies of three varieties: 

Variant no.1 consists of 40 UHPC balconies in the measures 3,77 x 2,70 m

Variant no. 2 consists of 12 UHPC balconies in the measures 2,94 x 3,06 m 

Variant no. 3 consists of 12 UHPC balconies in the measures 6,30 x 3,06 m 

Additionally, the balconies receive a surface thickness of approx. 70mm with a fall over edge, and they are constructed with a standard profiling as well as a spike-rolled underside. 

Besides the balconies, Hi-Con is set to deliver 76 UHPC RHS pillars i the dimentions 120 x 120 x 5 mm with a height of approximately 3,0 m. The pillars will be used as supporting pillars. 


Project detalis: 

Main structural engineer: H. Skjøde Knudsen A/S

Arkitect: Arkitema 


Trekløveren is expected to be complete during 2023.

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