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Hi-Con Nederland nominated at the Concrete Awards 2017


On november 15 the twentieth edition of the Dutch Concrete Award 2017 takes place in Rotterdam. At the Award show a jury of 12 members from the industry will find a winner in eight different categories: Bridges & Viaducts, Hydropower, Housing, Non-residential Construction​, Execution, Concrete TechnologyRestoration​ and Constructive design​. Hi-Con NL is nominated in two categories: Bridges & Viaducts for the Catharina Bridge and Housing for Woontoren de Verkenner. 


Catharinabrug, Leiden 


The Catharina Bridge in Leiden is a slender and beautiful bridge and is officially the longest bridge in high performance concrete in the Netherlands. The bridge is 36 meter and the center of the bridge deck measure 275 mm. The bridge creates an essential connection to the heart of Leiden and is nominated for its complex design and execution that takes the ship traffic into account. 


The bridge consists of prefabricated elements in UHPC and the following parties have taken part in the project: 


Architect: DP6, Leiden

Engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek  

Year: 2016    


See more pictures of the project in our reference library



Woontoren de Verkenner, Utrecht 


Woontoren de Verkenner is nominated in Housing for its social significance of the area. The nomination is furthermore motivated be the accuracy with which the building is developed and realized. This was only possible because of the ambitions of the involved parties: "To give the post-war canal island a qualitative boost". Construvtive intelligence, coloured facade elements, beautiful cantilevered balconies and 13000 ceramic tiles are also mentioned as important criteria for the nomination. 


Project Woontoren de Verkenner in Utrecht, is the first project with extreme cantilevered balconies of three meters. The balconies are cast in white CRC i2® high performance concrete with a balcony slab that measure 70 mm in thickness. Yellow pigment has been added to the white CRC i2® to match the balconies with the facades.  


Project details: 


Contractor: Era Contour 

Architect: Mei architects

Engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek b.v.

Year: 2014/2015 


See more pictures of the project in our reference library


At Hi-Con we are more than proud of being nominated for two projects in The Netherlands in which our material CRC i2® has been used. We are looking forward to hearing the winner announcement in november. 




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Peter Vendelin Olesen