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29.05.2020 - News from Hi-Con

Hi-Con supplies Australian project with new balconies

Hi-Con supplies Australian project with new balconies


The residents at Marks Lane in Sydney will continue to enjoy their unobstructed views over the park and the Pacific Ocean when extending their existing balconies.

Hi-Con is going to supply the project with six large parapet balconies, which eliminate the initial obstructing columns and thereby retain the unobstructed views while still extending the balconies.


Why this solution

Edan Burk from Hanave Pty Ltd. tells how UHPC has come to play an important part in achieving the desired result:

“As world leaders in UHPC backed by an excellent team of engineers and development managers Hi-Con was able to work with me through a nascent concept requirement of eliminating any columns that would obstruct the currently unobstructed views over the park and the Pacific Ocean”


Why ultra high performance concrete

Edan Burk highlights the mechanical characteristics of UHPC as one of the reasons for choosing this material and how the material allows the desired design to be achieved without doing to much work on the existing balconies. Furthermore he states that:

“Alternatives such as the more generic steel structures that are commonly installed on to building facades to extend balconies was not thought to be feasible in our circumstance as Sea Dawn is located on the coast and is exposed to strong winds and sea spray. UHPC doesn't allow for air or moisture to penetrate the surface thereby eliminating the risks of concrete cancer and decay of the concrete for 200 years. Had we gone with the more common approach of steel we would constantly be needing to treat the structure for rust so the on-going maintenance would have made the project unviable.”


Here at Hi-Con we are looking very much forward to follow the project and share the process as we move through the different stages.


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