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Nicolinehus Aarhus ø

Nicolinehus Aarhus ø

The great project Nicolinehus, is soon reaching the finish line. The project Nicolinehus is located at Aarhus Ø and consists of two high-rise buildings that reaches up to 16 floors.

For the project Hi-Con has delivered 249 UHPC balconies with integrated parapets. The balconies will be delivered in 28 variations, that varies in length from 3.2 ti 6,9 meters, and a depth of 1,8 to 2,2 meters including top-railings that varies in height.  

Besides balconies, Hi-Con has delivered 135 plant boxes with varying measurements up to 9,4 in length. 

To all partners involved, thank you, for a great building process and a fantastic collaboration. 

Process-pictures from our production: 

Planter box in UHPC: measures around 9,4 meters in length, 0,6 meters in height and 0,5 meters in width.

Balconies in UHCP CRC i2®. 

In total, Hi-Con is going to deliver 249 balconies in different variations.

Hi-Con specialises in ultra high-strength concrete and puts a virtue in always attempting to help our collaborators with new projects, in which we can utilise and develop the full potential in our ultra high-strength concrete.

We are proud of the fact that we are able to create value for the new residents, and we hope that they will enjoy the spacious balconies and large plant boxes.  


Project details: 

Architect: AART
Developer: Bricks
Contractor:NCC Danmark A/S
Engineer: Rambøll A/S

(skal dette oversættes til engelsk? - kan avisen fås på engelsk?). 
Læs om projektet i magasinet "Højhuse" lige her: (side 58)

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