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10.09.2020 - Balconies in UHPC

Large project at the new Rødovre Port

Large project at the new Rødovre Port

Hi-Con is involved when a new large residential area at the burnt-out Rødovre Station is established. A completely new residential area will be established at Rødovre Station Center, which burned down in 2013. Over 33,000 m2 will make up 534 rental homes with light facades in various sizes. This will also include outdoor environments such as terraces and balconies.

CG Jensen is the contractor for the project, which is expected to be completed in 2023. Project manager at CG Jensen, Michael Vestergaard Jacobsen states:


“We have chosen to collaborate with Hi-Con on balconies due to several crucial factors for our project. Aesthetically, the expression must have a smooth interplay with our facade panels in white concrete, while the construction must occur light. For this purpose, Hi-Cons product is ideal. In addition, Hi-Con is a highly professional partner who can handle its tasks even without extra attention from us. That gives us great value. ”


For this purpose Hi-Cons product is ideal

Gefion Group is behind the large project "Rødovre Port", which Hi-Con will supply with more than 466 balconies in CRC i2® UHPC. In total, Hi-Con supplies up to 1000 elements for this project. This includes balconies, frames and decorative columns.

The process at Rødovre Port will continuously be updated on our website.


Project details:

Year: 2020-2023
Architect: Arkitema A/S
Developer: Gefion Group
CG Jensen A/S: Contractor

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