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The Folk High-school gets a new life!

The Folk High-school gets a new life!

Old Folk High school and park gets a thorough transformation

The old Folk High school in Roskilde has been vacant since 2007. This meant that it was time for a change. 

The change consisted of a thorough renovation of the old school and added housing and residencies to help liven up the area.

The project consists of independent buildings that are going to encompass the old school. Additionally, the old school has gotten a new function, as it will go through a thorough renovation and will become the new community centre. 

 The independent buildings includes a variety of terraced houses, high-rise buildings and triple houses. The high-rise buildings gets approximately 64 housings and the terraced houses will be established with approx. 50. Besides, the triple houses will be located on Frederiksborgvej, and will be constructed with approx. 32 houses. In addition, the triple houses and the high-rise buildings will by default be constructed with parking in the basement construction, if possible. 

It is the developer and the architects intention to maintain the park-area and the park-experience during the transformation. The plan is therefore, to maintain and keep the already existing trees in their current spots, if possible,  while also adding new deciduous trees. Furthermore, the new buildings must blend in naturally with the park, to further keep and enhance the overall park experience. 




For this project, Hi-Con has been chosen to deliver both UHPC CRCi2 balconies and pillars. 

Hi-Con will deliver 57 UHPC balconies in max. 3 varieties. 

The balconies will be constructed with fall towards the integrated water channel through RF drain. 

Besides balconies, Hi-Con will deliver 56 identical pillars to carry the balconies. 

The Pillars will have a length of approx. 2.8 and 2.9 m. 


Developers: Sjælsø management

Architects: Laban arkitekter 

Consulting engineers: Reeholm & Bredahl A/S


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