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23.11.2020 - Mounting of balconies

Flying installation at Thors Tower

Flying installation at Thors Tower

19-storey unique high-rise building in an area with 191 homes

Thors Tower is a high-rise building at Thors Bakke in Randers, Denmark. The high-rise building is built in white concrete elements and will accommodate different types of housing: public family, elderly and youth housing as well as private housing.

The area around Thors Bakke includes Thors Tower and Thors Karré with a total of 191 homes.

Rope Access mounting

For this project untraditional methods are used when it comes to mounting.
In collaboration with Sky-Work A/S a Rope Access method is used for the mounting of our balconies. The first stage of 8 balconies was installed last week. For this incredible installation, Sky-Work A/S hangs in ropes. Together with the crane operator, who works in "blind", communication is essential. The crane operator here communicates with one of the fitters to make the complete mounting.

We cooperated with Sky-work to this project, partly because the concrete deck under the balconies can only handle 5 tons. In addition, there is a lack of space towards the side piece on the facade, so you would not be able to get there with a lift.

Well.. Problem solved!
One thing is the method, which is quite unique - but used for the installation of UHPC balconies! Quite impressive.

Hicon elements

Hi-Con delivers a total of 90 UHPC balconies. Balconies with parapets in 4 variants in our light ultra high performance concrete. 

The balconies measure approx. 80-100 mm with a depth of 1750mm


Project details

Year: 2019-2021

Architect: Arkitema A/S

Engineer: AFRY

Developer: KPC Herning A/S

Develop-advisor and project developer: Kuben Management A / S

Expected end-date and move-in: summer 2021

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