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The last tower of the Carlsberg City district is getting UHPC elements!

The last tower of the Carlsberg City district is getting UHPC elements!

Hi-Con contributes with UHPC elements to Carlsberg City district's last tower - Vilhelm hus 

At Hi-con we are happy to be able to unveil one of our new projects, as we are going to contribute with UHPC CRC I2® elements to Vilhelm Hus. Vilhelm Hus is located in Copenhagen's new city District Carlsberg City.

Vilhelm Hus together with Beckmanns Tower become the last tower out of 9. These towers together form the newly established city district Carlsberg City in Copenhagen. 

Vilhelm Hus and Beckmanns Tower will consist of 196 homes. The homes will be distributed as follows; Vilhelm Hus will be established with 128 homes whereas Beckmanns Tower will consist of 68 homes. Besides residences, Vilhelm Hus' ground floor will be created with offices, restaurants and stores, which will make the district an attractive gathering environment for both the apartments residents but also for the rest of Copenhagen's citizens. 

The building is designed by the award winning architect Dorte Mandrup, who has given Vilhelm Hus a contemporary character that creates harmony and nexus between the old and the new area. Furthermore, the building will be designed thus as the facade that is turned towards the street is open towards the city life, which means that residents will get the joy and use out of both the daylight as well as the view.  


Hi-Con has been chosen to contribute with beautiful UHPC CRC i2(R) products for Vilhelm Hus. 


Project details: 

To the Vilhelm Hus project, Hi-Con will deliver UHPC CRC I2® balconies.

Hi-Con will deliver 100 pcs of balconies with parapets. The parapets will be on both sides of the balconies with a unilateral fall over edge with a drip groove on the underside of the balconies.  

The balconies will be with an effective width of approx. 0,9 meter, length of approx. 3 meters and slab thickness of 75 to 85 mm.

All the upper sides of the balconies are made with a smooth profiling which is a Hi-Con standard, and a undersides are with spike rolled surface.


Project participants:

Architect: Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter.

Contractor: Arpe & Kjeldsholm and Moe Engineering

Landscape architects: Opland

Developers: Carlsberg Byen P/S 

Illustration/renderinger af: Studio Sang

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