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Competitive and slim concept balconies in Ultra high performance concrete

Standardised balconies from Hi-Con

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Hi-Cons concept balconies offer a slim, elegant and competitive solution which is the world's first series produced standard balcony in ultra high performance concrete for new build. 

Until now, Hi-Con has focused on the production of bespoke balconies. However, with the concept balconies the opportunity to also create standardised balconies in ultra-high-performance concrete arose. 

The concept balconies are Ce-marked and are available in dimensions from 1.6 x 2.6 meters to 2 x 5 meters. The balconies can be manufactured in the colours grey and light with four different surface options to choose from. 

By default, the concept balconies are delivered with matching brackets, but is also available as a package solution with railings and mounting. The balconies can be manufactured with different draining solutions: fall over the front edge, vagrant or water spout. However, it is not possible to design the balconies with kerbs and parapets. 


When you choose our concept balconies as your solution, the same properties of materials follows as the ones you will experience with our bespoke solutions. In addition, the concept balconies offer a product that is competitive in price range and with a quicker delivery time.

The building was originally designed with steel balconies, but in our dialogues with Hi-Con we discovered that it was possible to design the building with balconies in UHPC at competitive prices that are both slender and elegant to look at.

Thomas Honoré about Risskov Engby,
Project Manager, Raundahl & Moesby

Your standardised solution in Ultra high performance concrete

Benefits with concept balconies

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