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Bio Science Bridge

Bio Science Bridge

Built Year



ipv Delft


Heijmans Infra


Pieters Bouwtechniek


The Municipality of Leiden

Bio Science Bridge Leiden

The municipality of Leiden has opted for a special bicycle bridge in ultra high performance concrete as part of the Leiden Bio Science Park, a 110-hectare business park with 60 companies and knowledge institutions in the biotechnology sector. A few infrastructural adjustments have been made for this plan. For example, new underpasses have been created for fast traffic and cyclists and an existing bicycle tunnel has been adapted. Above this bicycle tunnel, at ground level, the bridge is made in CRC i3® ultra high performance concrete.

The new bicycle bridge is custom made and is integrated visually in the other designs in the plan. However, the technique was decisive in the choice of UHPC. Unique is the coupling in the span direction of the bridge, which was created by means of a steel beam and joint cast. In this way, a moment-proof connection has been made between the two prefab bridge decks, which therefore work together as one unit. The split up was necessary to enable transportation to the site.

The steel beam in the middle of the bridge and the higher edges on both sides provide sufficient stiffness in the deck to realize the required span. At the junction of the bridge decks, the bridge has a combined function of footpath and cycle path.


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