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Catharina Bridge

Catharina Bridge

Built Year



DP6 architectuurstudio


Gebr. Schouls


Pieters Bouwtechniek


Gemeente Leiden

Extremely slender bridge in UHPC 

Catharine Bridge is located in the Dutch city, Leiden. The bridge is created to handle light traffic as pedestrians or cyclists and measures only 27 cm. With its highest point being just 2,2 meters high it allows the tour boads to pass while still taking the surrounding street level into consideration. The bridge is 36 meters long and is the longest bridge in UHPC in the Netherlands. 


CRC i3® - Third generation of our UHPC

Both deck and bridge pillars are build up by precasted elements in UHPC. All elements comes in different variations and are cast in our newest generation of our materiale. We call it CRC i3®. This material is the third generation in the line of concrete types, which we use in Hi-Con and has been developed for large constructions in a marine environment.

The elements are assembled on site with CRC Jointcast®, which makes the joints amost impossible to see. 

Bridge Type: Design and construct

Only by using high performance concrete it was possible to build the bridge so slender and exactly as we had in mind.

Jimmy van der Aa,
DP6 architectuurstudio