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Balconies in Ultra High Performance Concrete blend apartments and nature together

Dalum Papirfabrik

Dalum Papirfabrik

Built Year



C.F. Møller






MT Højgaard

A modern residential concept

Dalum Papirfabrik in Odense, Denmark, has undergone a remarkable transformation from an industrial area into a new, modern district. Focusing on cultural heritage, sustainability, and aesthetics, the area now invites people of all generations to a dynamic lifestyle that combines the energy of city life with green surroundings. The area offers a diversity of homes in different sizes and designs.


The construction consists of 442 residences, comprising of 301 rental apartments, 63 townhouses, 20 exclusive condos, and 58 senior homes. Hi-Con has supplied balconies in Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) for the 301 rental apartments in the neighborhood. The apartments are spread across 9 separate buildings, covers more than 27,000 m² and they all have south-facing balconies or terraces that bring nature into their homes.


Dalum Papirfabrik is also DGNB Gold certified, ensuring sustainability in the construction by integrating various environmental and social considerations throughout the building process.

Hi-Con's UHPC balconies add value

An innovative aspect of Dalum Papirfabrik is the use of lightweight and modern UHPC balconies. These UHPC balconies not only add aesthetic beauty but also durability, strength, and functionality to the building's design.


Hi-Con has delivered 109 light gray parapet balconies in UHPC CRC i2® for the residential area. These balconies vary in lengths from approximately 2.4-5.3 meters, covering around 285 m² and have an effective width of about 1.5 meters. The balcony slabs have a thickness of approximately 80-95 mm, designed with a fall towards the front edge and a drip notch on the underside.

Photo: Christensen Photography
We are proud to have contributed to the transformation of Dalum Papirfabrik and created private outdoor areas for the residents. At Hi-Con, our focus is always on delivering innovative, durable, and aesthetic solutions that add value to our clients and the end-users of the building.

Birgitte Krag Festersen,
Head of Design, Hi-Con

Benefits of Ultra High Performance Concrete

  1. Aesthetics: Hi-Con's UHPC offers exceptional freedom in design and aesthetics. For Dalum Papirfabrik, this meant the opportunity to create sleek balcony elements that elegantly complemented the modern expression of the apartments.


  1. Durability: Our UHPC CRC i2 elements are designed to have an exceptionally long lifespan of over 100 years. This exceptional durability ensures reduced lifetime costs for both the developer and the end-user, reducing the need for maintenance and replacement.


  1. Lightweight and Strength: By using a thin cover layer when casting our elements, we can create slim and lightweight elements that impose less load on the buildings compared to traditional concrete.


  1. Custom design: The flexibility in our design options allows tailored solutions for each apartment. This includes creating balconies in various shapes and sizes that are customized to the unique needs of each apartment and the different buildings at Dalum Papirfabrik.

You can read more about Dalum Papirfabrik on the construction's own website


Photo: Christensen Photography

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