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Balconies and columns in UHPC

Free Harbor Tower

Free Harbor Tower

Built Year



Praksis Arkitekter




Henry Jensen Rådgivende ingeniører A/S

In the "Nordhavn" in Copenhagen, a worn out grain silo has been rebuilt into modern housings. "Frihavns Tårnet" is drawn by Praksis Arkitekter and has a living area of 11.000 kvm, which are spread on 12 floors  with 3 - 3,7 meters to the ceiling and large balconies. The project has recently won the Concrete element price 2017 (Betonelement Prisen) and the Utzon statue.  

Hi-Con has supplied the project with 197 balconies, 212 columns, 83 C-frames, 16 L-frames, 18 canopies, 28 facade shells and 1364 brackets in grey CRC i2® high performance concrete. 

The architects says that they "... have placed great emphasis on preserving the historical identity and homogenous form of the building and at the same time added a modern ease by surrounding the appartments with large, generous balconies ..."


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