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Hi-Con has contributed with UHPC balcony solutions for DGNB Gold-certified construction



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H. Skjøde Knudsen A/S



A focus on a comfortable everyday life

Trekløveren, the three residential buildings in Gartnerbyen in Odense, Denmark, is situated in a tranquil and historic neighborhood where green spaces, parks, well-utilized communal areas, and spacious balconies create ideal surroundings for a comfortable daily life. These three residential buildings, comprising 89 apartments, are among the final components of the nearly 2,000 residences that make up the area. Located in a green and scenic area close to the city center, Trekløveren has already become an iconic landmark for Gartnerbyen. Sustainability is a key aspect of the construction, which is DGNB Gold-certified.


One of Trekløveren's most distinctive features is the unique outdoor areas associated with each individual apartment. Large and modern balconies or terraces are provided for all residences, offering residents a private outdoor space while adding an extra layer of comfort and functionality to the homes. These spacious balconies also constitute a significant part of the building's facade and contribute to giving each home a distinctive visual identity. The balconies are produced by Hi-Con and made from our own generation of Ultra High Performance Concrete, called CRC i2©.

Although the project was originally planned with regular concrete balconies, we turned to high-performance concrete balconies due to Hi-Con's offering and its slim design. Hi-Con's ability to deliver these slim balconies was a crucial factor in our balcony selection for Gartnerbyen. Aesthetics and durability were also important factors.

Henrik Sørensen Kongsted,
Project Manager, H. Skjøde Knudsen A/S

Large UHPC balconies

Even though the project was initially planned with regular concrete balconies, Hi-Con was chosen to provide balconies in Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) because we could offer very slim elements in a large format that supported the vision and visual expression of the construction. The contractor's familiarity with Hi-Con and previous collaboration was also one of the reasons for the partnership on Trekløveren.


Hi-Con has delivered 64 balconies in UHPC CRC i2®, in three variants. Additionally, we supplied steel columns and brackets for the project.


Variant 1: 40 balconies with dimensions of 3.77 x 2.70 m

Variant 2: 12 balconies with dimensions of 2.94 x 3.06 m

Variant 3: 12 balconies with dimensions of 6.30 x 3.06 m


The balconies have a slab thickness of approximately 70 mm with a slope towards the walking surface at the front edge. They are designed with standard profiling and a rolled underside for aesthetics and functionality.


Furthermore, we supplied 76 RHS columns with dimensions of 120 x 120 x 5 mm and a height of approximately 3.0 m, which serves as supporting elements for the balconies.

Photo: Christensen Photography

Advantages of Ultra High Performance Concrete

Aesthetics and functionality

UHPC enables designs that blend aesthetics and functionality, resulting in impressive and simultaneously beautiful outdoor areas for residents. In Gartnerbyen, it allowed the creation of large, slim balconies that perfectly matched the construction's modern facade.


The material's durability is crucial for Gartnerbyen's long-term sustainability. With an expected lifespan of over 100 years, UHPC requires no maintenance or replacement, leading to lower life cycle costs for both the developer and end user. This aspect also ensures the residents' long-term comfort while reducing future maintenance costs.

Reduced material consumption

Due to the material's extreme strength and density, we use less material compared to similar elements in regular concrete. For Gartnerbyen, a UHPC solution supported the project's focus on resource efficiency and environmental sustainability compared to what would have been achieved with regular concrete balconies.


Thanks to a very dense matrix and low porosity, our material, CRC i2®, possesses tremendous compressive strength. This strength is higher than regular concrete, fiber concrete, and high-strength concrete. For Gartnerbyen, the high strength enabled the creation of large and slim balconies without compromising durability.

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