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Balconies i ultra high performance concrete

The Habor pier Castor

The Habor pier Castor

Built Year



Henning Larsen Architects A/S


NCC Danmark A/S



Large project at a new district - The Habor pier near Islands brygge

The building project "Castor" represents one of three new buildings in the new neighborhood "Havnebryggen", which is located in the southern part of Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. As a part of Havnebryggen, you can also find the big and beautiful Polaris buildings, which are also equipped with Hi-Con balconies.  

In this building project, the material has really utilized its unique properties in terms of slenderness and strength. The 103 balconies installed at "Castor" measure only 55 mm in frontedge, which provides the building with a slender and light expression. Furthermore, the balconies are supplied in different variations and measure between 3320 - 6320 mm in length and between 1130 - 2230 mm in width. 

All elements are cast in light CRC i2® with stainless steelfibers.  

DGNB certification

The Castor project has achieved an overall score of 67.2% which results in a  DGNB Gold.

DGNG is the Danish standard for sustainable construction - and we are proud to help put this on the agenda within our industry.

Read more about the Castor project's specifications within DGNB - Click here

DGNB Guld i Aars | DOMUS arkitekter

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