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Langetaam Bridge

Langetaam Bridge

Built Year



ipv Delft


Pieters Bouwtechniek


Gemeente Maasland

Bridge renovation in Maasland

The monumental Langetaam Bridge gave the municipality of Maasland headaches. The bridge was in poor condition while the original concrete deck contained chloride. Recovery was not possible as the deck was too thin for this option. Replacement also would have been difficult, because the appearance had to remain the same, but the municipality demanded that the bridge deck had to meet the new standards.


A bridge deck in UHPC proved to be the only solution to meet the preconditions and Hi-Con made an exact copy of the old bridge. The new deck in CRC i3® is made in one piece, at the thinnest point it is only 100 mm. The UHPC is maintenance-free and has a lifespan of more than 100 years.


The Langetaam Bridge is a fine example of modest renovation and preservation of monumental bridges, thanks to the unique high performance properties of an innovative material.

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