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Balconies and flowerpots in UHPC



Aarhus Ø Nicolinehus - a new residency smack in the middle of aarhus ø

Nicolinehus is going to be the heart of Aarhus Ø. The new residential area is going to create a connection between Aarhus Ø and Aarhus C (city centre). The location is going to be an attractive area for the people of Aarhus since the area will have many different offers that will make the area attractive for the residents of Nicolinehus and the general inhabitants of Aarhus. 

The building is constructed so that it will offer accommodations for all, this means that both rentals and condominiums/Freehold flat are available to the public. Additionally, the ground floor of the buildings offer a variety of commercial buildings and areas for the residents to enjoy, this includes restaurants, cocktailbars, supermarkets, pharmacy, markethalls, cafes, basement parkings etc. 


Nicolinehus is a unique project of 66,000 m² in total. It consists of both residential - and commercial buildings in a terraced landscape. Of the 66,000 m² approximately 25,000m² will be residential, and are distributed as the following; 173 apartments are condominium/ freehold flat

On the two large triangle blocks, staggered terraces has been mounted - the buildings has up to 16 floors with a view over the city and the quay. 

Hi-Con has helped Bricks and Aart Architects carry out their dream of large UHPC balconies that are spacious enough for both furniture and an outdoor space, as well as roof gardens with large plant boxes. 

At Hi-Con, we specialises in Ultra High-strength-concrete and we always attempt to help our collaborators with new projects that will utilize and develop the potential in our ultra-high-strength concrete. 

We are proud that we have been chosen to contribute UHPC products to the project, and to create worth and value to the new residents. We hope, they will enjoy their spacious balconies.  

The floating balconies in ultra-high-strength concrete from Hi-Con, are carried by integrated pillars and beams in concrete elements of up to 6 x 2,2 meters, and was a deliberate choice to implement an aesthetic quality to the facades. De svævende altaner i højstyrkebeton fra Hi-Con, der bæres af indstøbte søjler og bjælker i betonelementerne på op til 6 x 2,2 meter, er et bevidst valg for at give en æstetisk kvalitet på facaderne

Martin Busk,
Co-owner and director, Bricks

Project details

Hi-Con has contributed both UHPC balconies and plant boxes to(for?) the project. 



Hi-Con is set to deliver 259 UHPC balconies in 8 variations.

The variations range from the measurements 1098 X 5960 x 2180 to 1098 x 6900 x 2180. The balconies all have a surface thickness of .... 

Furthermore, the balconies will be produced with an integrated drainage channel over back. Additionally a drain is inserted. (?) 


Varianterne rangerer fra 1098 X 5960 x 2180 til 1098 x 6900 x 2180. altanerne får alle en pladetykkelse på...   

Altanerne bliver produceret med integreret vandrende i bagkant, som dertil tilsættes et afløb.  

Altanernes støbesider produceres med standardprofilering, og undersiderne pigrulles. 



Altanerne bliver ligeledes udstyrret med altankummer (plantekasser). Hi-Con skal her levere omtrent 135 blomsterkummer som kommer i ialt to varianter. En kort og en lang altankasse. 

Lang altankasse: H. 875 L. 2035 B385 

Kort altankasse:  H. 875 L.1615 B.385






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