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Balconies and flowerpots in UHPC



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Aart Architects A/S


NCC Danmark A/S


Rambøll A/S


Bricks A/S

A new residential building in the middle of Aarhus ø


Nicolinehus stands proudly as the centerpiece of Aarhus Ø, connecting the vibrant district with Aarhus C, the city center. This extraordinary residential development offers a wide range of attractions, making it an irresistible destination for both the residents of Nicolinehus and the people of Aarhus, Denmark.


Covering an impressive total area of 66,000 m², Nicolinehus features a captivating blend of residential and commercial buildings nestled in a terraced landscape. The residential portion spans approximately 25,000 m² and includes 173 apartments available as condominiums or freehold flats. On the ground floor, you will also find an array of commercial spaces, including restaurants, cocktail bars, supermarkets, pharmacies, market halls, cafes, and underground parking facilities, creating a vibrant and convenient urban environment.


The two large triangle-shaped blocks boast staggered terraces and offer breathtaking views of the city and the wharf from up to 16 floors. Thanks to Hi-Con's collaboration with Bricks and Aart Architects, the dream of spacious UHPC balconies and roof gardens with ample room for furniture and greenery has become a reality.

Balconies in UHPC

At Hi-Con, we specialize in Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), always striving to assist our partners in developing innovative projects that harness the full potential of our remarkable material. We are proud to have been chosen to contribute with UHPC balconies to the Nicolinehus project, adding value and enhancing the living experience for its residents.


The floating balconies that we have provided to Nicolinehus are supported by integrated pillars and beams in concrete elements measuring up to 6 x 2.2 meters. This deliberate design choice not only provides structural integrity but also adds an aesthetic quality to the facades.

The floating balconies in ultra-high-strength concrete from Hi-Con, are carried by integrated pillars and beams in concrete elements of up to 6 x 2,2 meters, and was a deliberate choice to implement an aesthetic quality to the facades.

Martin Busk,
Co-owner and director, Bricks

Project details

Hi-Con has successfully produced and delivered a total of 259 UHPC balconies in 8 distinct variations for the project. These balconies, made from UHPC CRC i2, are designed with integrated drainage at the back and include a drain insertion. The balcony surfaces have been finished with standard profiling, while the undersides boast an attractive textured finish.


In addition to the balconies, Hi-Con has also supplied plant boxes made from UHPC CRC i2. Approximately 135 flower boxes have been delivered to the project, featuring two different versions—a shorter and a longer design. These UHPC plant boxes complement the overall aesthetics and functionality of the balconies, enhancing the residents' experience.

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