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Large UHPC balconies



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The housing association Nordjylland

The former university area at Sohngårdsholmsvej in Aalborg, Denmark is converted into a new residential area:

Requirements for the strength of the balconydeck required ultra high performance concrete

"Parkbyen" is located in a green area, where city, life and nature form an attractive setting for the apartments.

The project consists of 5 towers at different heights, and some of these are already ready to be occupied.

When the project is completed, the towers will be equipped with no less than 252 UHPC balconies. 106 of these are large corner balconies, which with their L-shape will go around the corners and therby contribute to a large outdoor area.

The balconies measure between 4.2 and 9.5 meters in length and have a width of up to 4.4 meters - and a plate thickness of just 55mm ! 

The Material: Ultra high performance concrete

The balconies are made of ultra high performance concrete, which is added up to 19 million steel fibers per cubic meter, which helps to give the concrete its exceptional strength.
With ultra high performance concrete, Hi-Con is able to produce extremely thin elements with 10-15 mm cover layer - A property that proved to be valuable for the project at "Parkbyen".


The balconies at "Parkbyen" are generally large when compared to similar constructions. The balconies go around the corners of the buildings, which has required strength in the balcony deck - preferably without ending up with a very strong construction. Hi-Con has succeeded with just that.

Karsten Westergaard ,
Projektchef hos Søren Enggaard A/S

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