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The Musical Neighborhood

The Musical Neighborhood

Built Year



Schmidt Hammer Lassen


A.Enggaard A/S




A.Enggaard A/S

The Musical Neighborhood

You immetiately notice these extremely large balconies as you walk past the Musical Neighborhood at the waterfront in Aalborg. The building has a premium location next to Musikkens Hus and with a spectacular view over Limfjorden. Schmidt Hammer Lassen is the architect behind this building and Hi-Con has supplied the large balconies in CRC i2®.

The balcony solution is a result of a close cooperation between the architect, the contractor and Hi-Con. From the beginning of the process, Hi-Con took part in developing the architectural vision into a durable solution. Ultra high performance concrete was the only material that was able to make balconies of this size. 

The process was characterized by a great cooperation between all parties to find the optimal and very ambitious solution for the balconies. 

Giant balconies in UHPC

We supplied the project with our so far largest produced balconies. The project consisted of 150 balconies, which varied in sizes from 6 to 28 m2.

The balconies are cast with a thickness of 60-70 mm and 1000 brick shells on 14 mm. 

Without the cooperation with Hi-Con we would not have been able to make this solution. They have contributed with knowledge about the material and construction and mounting details, which have been very valuable for both the process and the result.

Kristoffer Styrup ,
Head of Department - A. Enggaard A/S