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University of Southern Denmark

University of Southern Denmark

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C.F. Møller





A prominent facade

From distance the faculty look like a cheese with holes. It's a facade that attract attention, which it should do, as it contains research on an international level. Anna Maria Indrio, former partner and architect at C.F. Møller explains:

“The facade bacame very important because we wanted to create an expressiv marking of the international research that takes place inside of the building. We wanted to provide the building and the faculty with an identity. At the same time the material choice is an expression of the reseach which the building is going to hold: Innovation in the building industry"


The great properties of UHPC are utilized

The perforated facade is created by 292 individual elements in ultra high performance concrete. The elements measure 5 x 3 meters each with at least one hole measuring 1,2 meters in diameter. All elements are cast at Hi-Con in Hjallerup.

CRC i2® was chosen for the projects for many reasons: For example the material allows to cast elements which are very slender and with an extreme strength and durability and it provides the building with a lightness.

The elements measures 65 mm in thickness and the extreme strength is very important in order for us to cast these perforated elements and still avoid breakage. The perforated area makes up 65% of the element. 

We considered a load-carrying concrete facade with holes, but as Hi-Con was brought to our attention, we learned that we were able to remove the heaviness from the concrete and create a different expression without a load-carrying facade. We were not able to achieve the lightness of the building in any other way.

Anna Maria Indrio ,
Former partner and architect at C.F. Møller

University of Southern Denmark

Aesthetic curtain walls and sun shields

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