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Den Burg

Volmolen Bridge

Volmolen Bridge

Built Year



ipv Delft


Wallaart b.v.


Pieters Bouwtechniek


Gemeente Den Burg

Connecting two areas

The 17-meter-long Volmolen Bridge between the Volmolen and the Korfbaeck in Den Burg (Texel) is built according to the Delft UHPC Bridge System: a modular and demountable bridge concept for standard bridges in ultra high performance concrete. The starting points are the advantages of UHPC, combined with an efficient structure and a fast construction and preparation time. The Volmolen Bridge was installed in just three days.

The construction of the bicycle and pedestrian bridge was surprisingly simple. Two arched HEA-500 steel beams rest on concrete abutments without pile foundation. The cover plates in UHPC are then placed on the steel beams with a support material between beam and deck and open joints between the deck parts. In this way dirt and moisture cannot accumulate, so that the bridge remains beautiful and well preserved. The fencing is attached to incasted anchors in the deck.

Thanks to the very dense surface structure and the self-healing ability of the material, the bridge deck and the integrated wear layer have a lifespan of more than 100 years. This makes the bridge virtually maintenance-free and very cost-efficient.

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