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Zaha Hadid Benches

Zaha Hadid Benches

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Zaha Hadid Architects


Odico Formwork ApS

Benches in brand new Hi-Con binder: CRC i4®

Hi-Con supplied the Winton Gallery Science Museum in London with 14 benches consisting of 42 parts. The carrying capacity of the gallery floor allowed a maximum weight of 250 kg, which required a specific thickness of the concrete shells of the benches. This is the reason why Hi-Con was chosen to supply the benches, as our material CRC possesses such properties. 

We developed a new type of binder, which we named CRC i4®. This type of concrete has a great castability but contains neither fibers or reinforcement and therefore it's not suitable for suporting constructions. 

Furthermore, we developed new molds and a new mounting concept for this project. We did this in order to be able to cast and de-mold the benches with their EPS core and at the same time make it possible to assemble the benches on site and, in spite of their complex geometry, with very small tolerances. 

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