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27.07.2020 - ParkByen

Hi-Con delivers balconies to "Parkbyen" in the middle of the growth axis in Aalborg

Hi-Con delivers balconies to "Parkbyen" in the middle of the growth axis in Aalborg

The former university area at Sohngårdsholmsvej in Aalborg, Denmark is to be converted into a new residential area:


Parkbyen is located in a green area, where city, life and nature form an attractive setting for the apartments.

The project consists of 5 towers at different heights, and is expected to be ready for occupancy later in 2020.

Søren Enggaard A/S is behind the project, and Hi-Con will supply 252 balconies, of which 106 are large corner balconies.

Patented high-strength concrete

The raw material at Hi-Con is a patented UHPC, which was actually developed at Aalborg Portland in the 1980s. In Hi-Cons' generation of the material, approximately twice as much cement is used as for a traditional concrete element. In addition, thousands of small, thin fibers of high-strength steel are added, which help to give the concrete its exceptional strength.
With UHPC, Hi-Con is capable of producing extremely thin elements, and virtually anything is possible if it makes sense. Depending on the desired solution, solutions in UHPC can often be cheaper than, for example, steel solutions and more optimal in use than traditional concrete for larger elements due to the lower weight. For more than 30 years, the high-strength concrete has shown astonishing properties in the hands of a staff of experts who are passionate about moving boundaries.

Hi-Cons role

To Parkbyen, Hi-Con delivers a total of 252 balconies with a length between 4.2 to 9.5 meters and a width of up to 4.4 meters. 106 of these being large corner balconies.

By the end of July 2020 two of the five towers will have 34 large corner balconies and 50 ordinary UHPC balconies from Hi-Con installed.

Mounting of balconies ParkByen Aalborg