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Spiral staircases in UHPC for award-winning corporate headquarters

Danish Crown

Danish Crown

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Raundahl & Moesby A/S




Søren Jensen


Danish Crown

A need for more space and unity

Faced with the need for more space and a desire to gather employees previously dispersed across multiple locations, Danish Crown got the idea to create a new headquarters in Randers, Denmark. The new building, spanning 13,000 square meters and now uniting over 900 employees, has become a fine example of sustainable architecture and a modern work environment.

A distinctive feature of the new construction is the main entrance. Three wing buildings have been interconnected on one side to create a large and impressive main entrance, which also serves as a gathering point. This big central space is connected to the rest of the building through staircases in Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) and bridges.


Danish Crown has received Randers Municipality's Architecture Prize for 2023 for the new headquarters.

Elegant spiral staircases in Ultra High Performance Concrete

The main entrance or atrium, forming the heart and gathering point for employees, welcomes with an elegant spiral staircase in UHPC from Hi-Con, extending over two floors. In the cafeteria area, also located in the atrium, there is similarly a one-floor spiral staircase in UHPC. These spiral staircases vertically connect the main area with work areas, playing a crucial role in linking and facilitating the dynamics between the different floors of the domicile.

The architect's wish and focus for the grand spiral staircase were to find a sleek and lightweight stair solution that would function optimally as the primary connection between the building's floors. At the same time, the solution should not obstruct the view through the large glass panels that span between the three main building lengths. This challenge was elegantly solved with a spiral staircase in UHPC.


"In our search for a staircase that offers both a sleek design and ensures a good flow between floors, we came across Hi-Con's reference to spiral staircases in high-performance concrete. By using this system, where the high-performance concrete steps are fastened to a central column, the need for the outer stringer found in traditional staircases is avoided, making the staircase easier to view." – Toke Valum, Principal Constructing Architect, ICT and BIM Manager, CEBRA


Both spiral staircases are made with a floor height of 4.0 meters and executed in light gray UHPC CRC i2® with a smooth surface. They have uniform rises and treads.


Staircase 1: Diameter Ø 8.0 m, core 0.6 m, 46 steps/rises of approx. 166 mm.

Staircase 2: Diameter Ø 8.0 m, core Ø 0.6 m, 23 steps/rise of approx. 166 mm.

Photo: Christensen Photography
Through collaboration with Hi-Con, and their subcontractor for the steel railing, we succeeded in creating a central staircase that ensures good flow and simultaneously serves as a design element that does not compromise the view from the building.

Toke Valum,
Principal Constructing Architect, ICT and BIM Manager, CEBRA

A focus on sustainability

The construction has not only become a physical framework for work but also an expression of sustainability and environmental awareness. The domicile is certified to DGNB Gold Heart, which not only shows a sharp focus on sustainability in the construction itself but also on the work environment. Every detail in the building has been carefully considered, and materials have been chosen with an eye for durability. Hi-Con's contribution to the domicile includes not only impressive design but also a long-term approach to material selection. UHPC has a lifespan of over 100 years, where there is no need for maintenance or replacement, resulting in lower lifecycle costs. This also ensures lasting comfort for Danish Crown's employees.

Another important aspect supporting Danish Crown's focus is material savings. Due to UHPC's extreme strength and density, it is possible to produce a really slender construction, which again leads to a need for less material compared to equivalent elements in traditional concrete. For Danish Crown, a UHPC solution supported the project's focus on the environment and resource efficiency compared to what the project would have achieved with balconies in traditional concrete.

You can read more about Ultra High Performance Concrete and sustainability here
Photo: Christensen Photography

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