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Per Aarsleff headquarter

Per Aarsleff headquarter

Built Year



Arkitema Architects


A.Enggaard A/S


Per Aarsleff

Remarkable architecture at Per Aarsleff

This staircase adorns the inside of the new Per aarsleff headquarter in Aarhus and is a great example of a typical Hi-Con staircase project. What seemed to be an impossible vision turned out to be possible by using CRC i2®. To Hi-Con this was an exiting challenge as we got to combine unique knowledge with a unique vision.


The solution

In cooperation with Arkitema Architects, Hi-Con developed the winding staircase at the Per Aarsleff headquarter. The staircase is four floors high and consists of 26 staircase elements cast in light CRC i2® and subsequently installed with CRC JointCast®.

The staircase is constructed as a helical staircase with a step-height of 173mm and step-width of 1250 mm.  


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